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Capturing fun as it happens

Prime Pics delivers the experience you are looking for. Backdrops and booths to create customizable printed photographs which will provide memories of your event that last forever.

Every picture tells a story

Be Creative

Oh the props! We have an extensive collection of high quality props for you to choose from that fit your event. We customize the prop selection to fit your occasion.


Our photographer will set up the lighting to capture the look you want. We spared no expense. Have a feature wall or a scenic background you want to use instead, no problem


If it’s not on Facebook and Instagram, nobody believes it happened. Included is a sharing station at every event. Send the photos to friends and loved ones or share it socially.

Weddings, events, birthday parties

or even just messin’ around.

No matter what event or activity capture the fun. Book a photo booth here:

Capture the experience

We deliver you the most memorable and playful moments of your events